Deal or no deal?

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Cutler is still pretty upset about the almost trade. Well now things have come to a head. Cutler has told his agent (coincidentally the same agent that Brett Favre has) that he wants a trade.

The Denver Post's Woody Paige blamed Pat Bowlen, Josh McDaniels, Cutler and his agent for the turn of events.

Now Stank-0 loves when division foes shoot themselves in the foot, but this has gone on long enough. Cutler, the hurt feelings are understood. McD lied about trying to deal you, and that ain't right. Let's be all the way real about this.

If you were to get dealt, where exactly do you think you will land, Dallas? New England? New York? Baltimore? No sir, if you get dealt you will end up in Detroit or some team along those lines.

Pat, you should have jumped publicly into the fray waaaaaaaaaay before now. You are the man who signs the checks, act like it!

Josh, you should have manned up and said, "Yes, I tried to deal you, because you think you have the arm of God but you think like someone with a head injury."

Jay-C, it's time to end this one way or the other.

The agent has a history of this type of theatrics so Stank-0 is not surprised.

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