The Big East actually got 'em!

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Unbelieveably, the Big East did garner three #1's. It seems that S-dot was wrong.

Stank-0 is also surprised that UConn got a 1 seed as, seeing as they flamed out in their first game. Wonder what was the criterion for giving the 1's? It couldn't have been conference tourneys alone, for obvious reasons.

After looking at the bracket, the Midwest Region looks monstrous. Good luck to all the teams in that region.

Also, how did the Pac-10 and the ACC each get 7 teams? Really? Stank-0 is missing something. Arizona got in with a RPI of 63. Guess Lute Olson made a "donation." How did the Big 10 get more than Michigan St. in? The rest of that conference is straight dookie.


On March 15, 2009 at 7:46 PM , m0yo said...

I should get paid for these predictions.

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