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After some decisions, Stank-0 has decided to end this blog....and move to Wordpress.  For those that read on this blog, there were some IMG issues that couldn't be resolved and since Stank-0 didn't feel like going through the code and widgets to fix it...

It might be a few days before we can get the new space in gear.  Gotta pack up everything here, get the movers, take everything over there, unpack, and get things straightened before we can proceed.

Stank-0 will not delete this blog but all the action will be over here.

Week 13: Divisions in the balance

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We are entering the most wonderful time of year.  No not because of Christmas because the divisions are slowly being locked up as we speak. 

Think on this:  The Jags and the Chiefs are each leading their respective divisions with some breathing room. Jax has been helped by the fact that Peyton is playing with 3rd string practice players at skill positions right now.  KC took advantage of SD's annual slow start and then sent thank you texts to the Oakland Raiders for kickin the Chargahs' tails in their own house!  That sets up the Chiefs @ Chargers game next Sunday quite nicely.  A KC dub (W) and it's all over but the cryin! 

(AP Photo/Rob Carr)

The AFC North is in a dead heat with the Steelers upending the Ravens last night in the late game.  The season series is now 1 game a piece. Someone on le twitter said it best Pitt-Bmore play the most exciting 13-10 games in the league. Hear, hear!  The only game better than Ravens-Steelers is the one comin on tonight. 

Is it just Stank-0 or do the Bengals find new and creative ways to lose week in and week out?  Carson Palmer let precious time (8 seconds) slip away with a timeout in his pocket in the final seconds of 4Q?  Really?  Last year, when they went undefeated in their division, they were the Cardiac Cats because they found ways to win. How did it all unravel so fast? ??? Can't blame TO he's ballin out there.

The NFC South (and home field throughout the playoffs) are the Falcons to lose. They came back on the Bucs and took a large step towards winning their division.  The aforementioned Saints' W over the Bengals help them keep the Falcons in sight.

Monday Night is another game that could go towards deciding a division, the AFC East.  Gang green goes to Tom Terrific's house and the winner has an 80% chance of taking the division.  How's that for incentive?

Stank-0 would be remiss if he didn't highlight the tremendous performance by one, Tarvaris Fox Jackson III.  He came in after Lorenzo got knocked out (literally! He was in obvious pain on the ground.) on a scramble.  He promptly tossed a INT that was taken the distance.  Then he calmed down and played a very good game.  Admittedly he just threw up some prayers that Rice answered, but he directed drives.  Let's not underestimate the opponent.  The Bills are no slouch.  They've played tough in every game this season.

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The dream is unfulfilled

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Stank-0 has made no bones about the fact that he wanted Boise State or TCU to make it to the National Championship game. Unfortunately, that will not happen this year.

Oregon ran their wind sprint fast break offense in a win over in-state rival Oregon State. Stank-0 didn't watch much of the game, but when he switched over to watch Oregon was up by double digits and never looked back. Their spot was assured. The only opening left for a non-AQ team to qualify would be for Auburn to stumble against South Carolina.

Stank-0 watched this game and it was amazing. Cam Newton is undeniably the best player in college football. Stank-0 has been trying to think of whom Newton compares to at this stage of his career. The closest comparison would be the late Steve "Air" McNair from his Alcorn State days.

Auburn (read: Newton) was simply too much for South Carolina.  Auburn laid a straight up beatdown. 

The SEC sends its fifth straight representative to the National Championship game.

Stank-0 doesn't want TCU nor Boise State to feel down about their seasons.  What they accomplished will be talked about for years to come.  Both of these teams ran over, through, and around ranked teams throughout this season.

TCU took matters into their own hands and joined an AQ conference so if they can run the table again, then there's a good chance that TCU will play for a year.

Stank-0 will look at the national title matchup between Oregon and Auburn.

What to watch this weekend

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First of all, excuse Stank-0's extended absence.  First, Stank-0 went down to the homeplace with his lady, and then on the last day of the trip fell ill.  That put the blog game on time out, but now it's back on.

This Saturday is conference championship Saturday.  The game that le twitter has been goin on about is the SEC championship: Auburn vs S. Carolina.  Stank-0 would be lyin if he said he expected either of these teams to be here. That game rests on one issue: can you stop/slow down/limit Cam Newton?  That's it.  If Cam has a marginally good game, he needs to get his suit dry cleaned to accept his Heisman. Strike a pose!

The Big XII Championship is intriguing because Nebraska and Oklahoma have played in some legendary games (1971 Game of the Century which they want to honor in 2020-21 with a home-and-home series) and this is Nebraska's final game as a member of the XII.

In the NFL you have the Broncos going to division-leading KC and the Raiders going to San Diego.  These two games could go a long way towards deciding the division.  You also get ATL vs TB part II.  The Dirty Birds owned the first game so the Bucs will definitely want some get back.  The Steelers are going to Baltimore to face the Ravens in the Sunday Night game.  The Ravens won the previous match up so this game is very important for the AFC North.

To top it all off, you get Jets @ Patriots on Monday Night.  Gang Green is playing as well as anyone in the AFC if not the entire league. Can Tom Bieber Brady cool them off in Foxboro?

The NBA really has no game of value with two teams worth watching over the weekend, it's quite sad.

In college basketball, you have Butler @ Duke, but it doesn't excite. Then there's UK @ UNC.  Could be good but its all about the Wildcats at this point.  There are of course a plethora of college basketball games on this weekend. 

That about covers this weekend.  What will you be watching?

On vacation

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Didn't post this sooner but Stank-0 is on hiatus until the 30th.

What's the biggest story over the Thanksgiving weekend? Talk amongst yourself or hit me on le Twitter.

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