Call him the anti-Favre

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The G-Men reportedly couldn't entice Strahan to un-retire a la Brett Favre. Strahan did the sensible thing and decided to walk away a champ.

Stank-0 really can't blame him.

This is the extent of Strahan's dilemma:

"I have gone back and forth on this because as a player you'll always want to play, you'll never lose that urge to be out there. But I could only do this if I could commit 100 percent, physically, mentally, emotionally and I can't do that. I've tried to convince myself and my body to give it one more year, but in the end I just don't think I could turn it on like I need to again."
Strahan is a warrior, no doubt, but sometimes your body sends you clear signals. Strahan enjoy your retirement.

Update: Strahan looked good on Fox NFL Sunday, joinin the team of Terry, Howie, Jimmy, and the other black guy. Strahan, hook Stank-0 up with your tailor, son. Your suit was lookin crispy.

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