The Culter plot thickens

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Jay Cutler is still very very upset about potentially being dealt by the Broncos.

Stank-0 rarely posts an entire article but will make an exception here.

Jay Cutler is not interested in chatting with the Denver Broncos right now. And the division between the team and their quarterback has spread even further.'s Chris Mortensen reports Cutler will not sit down with Denver coach Josh McDaniels and the Broncos brass.

Cutler told Mortensen his biggest problem is the Broncos denying they discussed a trade involving Matt Cassel.

Cutler is staying away from the team even though he was previously planning to return to Denver this week and study the new playbook with McDaniels.

This is definitely a developing situation. Denver will do one of two things to solve this gigantic problem: It will either trade Cutler or mend the situation.

The fact the team has reached out to Cutler indicates the team is trying to mend fences. Cutler would rather be traded. This could take time but Denver has to keep trying to fix the problem.

After reading Cutler's words, the team's next step may be to level with him. Cutler is clearly looking for the truth and he doesn't believe what he is hearing it from the team.

Life just got interesting in the Mile High City for the new coach.


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