History Rewritten, Just Another Day For The Big East.

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I was insane. I was a complete homer for the league I have been watching since I was a no-nothing adolescent. Despite the naysayers and even the most unbiased opinions (who thought this was crazy too) You know, those in the closet ACC fans. The Big East has made history yet again by way of Pittsburgh, Louisville and Connecticut busting the brackets with one seeds.

I was at the barber shop this past Saturday and the discussion came up of which conference was the "power" conference this year. I made my case for the Big East without tossing out numbers, records, and competition level to avoid the typical banter of sports discussions. The entire barber shop dismissed my opinion. "ACC is the power conference in basketball buddy." I chose not to beat it to death and let the facts speak when the dust settles. I will walk a little taller into the shop come Saturday. I won't mention it but everyone will know the deal.

I am happy with the committee this year. They got it right. This still isn't enough for me to forgive them for the monumental SNUB of my Orangemen but as the axe says "time heals wounds"....maybe.


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