Not unexpected.

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There are rumors that Lute Olson will step down.  Olson seemed to have lost his love of coaching after he lost his wife in 2001. 

As a KU alum, Stank-0 is still smarting from losing to Arizona in 1997.  They came out of nowhere and won the national title.  That was Kansas' year.  :(

In any case, Coach Olson, you have earned your spot in the Hall.  You have put some surrious talent in the L.  Iguodala?  RJ?  Mike Bibby?  Jason Terry?  Agent Zero?  Salim Stoudamire?  Damon Stoudamire?  That's just recently.  Old school, Sean Elliott and Steve Kerr. 

What does his alleged departure do to Pac 10 basketball?

UPDATE!  It's true.  He has retired.  Stank-0 is sure that the U of A AD has been gut punched. 

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