Dismissed, pre-emptive strike

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Jeff JagodzinskiIcon SMI

This is strange.  The BC head coach will be fired if he interviews for the Jet's vacancy.  If this happens he will become the latest Dismissed inductee.  Allow Stank-0 to give some unsolicited advice to DeFilippo, BC's AD.  This will not end will because he will call your bluff. 

Despite the threat from athletic director Gene DeFilippo,
Jagodzinski plans to do the interview with the Jets, the sources said.
Those sources said that in the event Jagodzinski is fired, BC would
promote offensive coordinator Steve Logan to head coach.

According to the sources, DeFilippo first told
Jagodzinski on Saturday that he would fired if he interviewed and then
reinforced the school's position Sunday. Jagodzinski declined to
comment when reached by ESPN.

Instead of bluster, how about a contract extension?  Get his money up and he might be more willing to stay.  Try it.  You never know it might work.  Now, he will force your hand and you will be looking for a coach. 

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