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Ed ReedGregory Shamus/Getty Images

The man holding the football is the likely 2008-2009 Defensive Player of the Year, Ed Reed. 
The same D that has carried the Ravens all year powered them past the Miami Wildcats.  It wasn't pretty but D travels well.  Chad, son don't hang your head you played your @ss off to remind the Jets why they shouldn't have sent you packin. 

There were other games but none of them were remotely interesting.  Bolts-Colts?  Been there done that.  Cards-Falcons,  grizzled vet against a fresh faced kid.  Womp womp.  Iggles-Vikes?  Contain Purple Jesus, ball game.  Mission accomplished.  Let's move on. 

UPDATE!:  It seems that Stank-0 isn't the only one taken with Reed

I'm starting to think that Ed
Reed is the best defensive secondary player since Deion Sanders. I
really can't think of anyone who makes more "plays" than Primetime

[Shout out to Ed the Sports Fan]

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