Pink slipped!

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Stank-0 has just received confirmation that this man
Matt Millen, NFL GM Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg/Icon SMI
is no longer employed.  For the uninformed this is the former Lions GM, Matt Millen.  He has presided over one of the worst runs of a sports franchise in history. 

The Lions have been abysmally bad during this stretch. 

Huzzah to Bill Ford, Jr., for calling a spade a spade earlier this week.

The next question is who wants this job now? 

This will be the start of my Dismissed category.  Whenever an NFL, MLB, etc coach/GM/front office guy gets his walkin papers, Stank-0 will post it here.  If Stank-0 misses any please send him an email so he can update. 

[Shout out to Empty the Bench]

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