News for the other teams NOT playin this weekend

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This was the smartest move the Miami Wildcats could have made.  Tuna isn't goin anywhere.  To the Huizenga a Mulligan!  If it ain't broke...

Executive vice president of football operations Bill Parcells will
return to Miami next season and not exercise an escape clause in his
contract, team owner H. Wayne Huizenga said on Sunday.

Even if the ownership changes the front office will not.  Nothing gets a team on track like a stable front office. 

In other news, Matt Cassel likely isn't goin anywhere next year

Sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen that the Patriots
will use a franchise tag on Cassel that will give the team two options:
Trade him if all goes well with Tom Brady's rehabilitation from a knee injury or keep him because all is not well with Brady.

That would mean the Patriots would have about $29 million in salary
cap space tied up in two quarterbacks, with Brady earning almost $15
million and Cassel guaranteed over $14 million.

However, the cap jumps to $123 million per team, which gives the Patriots $94 million to manage the rest of their roster.

That's an awful lot of money to have tied up.  This is a good move by the Patriots front office.  If Brady comes back, dump Cassel.  If not, keep him. 

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