Impossible? Maybe not

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First I will need you, the reader, to suspend all disbelief, like watching WWE.  Ok, let's move on.

We all remember that Coach Shanahan benched Mac-5 in favor of Turnoversaurus Rex a few weeks ago. What if there's another reason for that?

I think Shanahan has his eyes on Jay Cutler.  Now hear me out.  Since the retirement of John Elway, Cutler is the QB with the best arm that Shanahan ever had.  Sometimes he relies on that arm too much, but he can easily make every NFL throw.  Now I think that Mac-5 > Cutler, but Shanahan doesn't have to re-teach the nuances of his system to Cutler.  They also have rapport and they know and are used to each other.

Cutler hasn't set the world on fire since he came to the City of Wind so a straight across trade isn't exactly impossible.  Highly improbable but not impossible.  Am I thinkin too much or can this happen?


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