Pink slipped: pending

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There are media reports in from the Chicago Sun-Times that several unnamed sources (players) want Coach Childress fired.  The money quote:

We know that Coach Childress doesn't have our backs, so why should we have his?
That is the very definition of losing a locker room.  Stank-0 is sure you've heard the stories so there's no need to re-tread over them.

The primary question is simple, does Childress deserve to be canned?  Stank-0 would say not necessarily.  QB play has clearly regressed since last season.  The primary offensive weapon is out for most of the season, that will effect the offense. The defensive front four are not creating the type of pressure they did last season. Jared Allen got Samson'd after he cut his hair. 

The other side of the argument is that Childress has allowed the atmosphere in Minny to deteriorate into a circus.  Percy Miracles is comin at his neck, of all people. Then there's the question of what coach would want this job, but that's easy to answer.  You have a clear head coach in waiting in Leslie Frazier, defensive coordinator.

Since Frazier likely won't get the nod, then who is out there that will take the job? It's the same problem that the Cowboys face.

Should Childress get fired, what happens to the team? To Lorenzo Favre? So many questions, not enough answers. 


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