Call off the APBs, we found 'em!

Filed under: , by: Stankoniforous 0ne

Although he was not drafted, Sherron Collins, the Chi-town Killah, has found a home in Charlotte.  Is it any surprise that Larry Brown (a former KU coach) took a chance on Collins? Shaun Livingston, nauseating injury fame, is also thriving on the Bobcats. Stank-0 may have just caught a glimpse of Larry Hughes, can't call it.

The Bobcats are puttin a world of hurtin on the Spurs right now, but it's still early.  31-24 in the 2nd quarter. Building looks full too.

The Spurs have closed the game and trail by 3, 35-32. Liking what Stank-0 is seeing from the Bobcats.  They play defense and hustle, hallmarks of a Larry Brown-coached team. The lead is back to 7.


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