Where's the place to be in college football?

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Since Werds observed that SC doesn't have the talent they used to have, it prompted a question.  If the talent is no longer attracted to SC, where does it go?  It also got Stank-0 thinkin of where talent has been gravitating.  For a football school to attract top tier talent a few things are necessary. 1. Tradition-rich program 2. Charismatic coach who can win national titles 3. History of former players getting regularly drafted 4. A location players will want to go to.

 For 5 years, the place for All-Americans to go was USC. They would walk on for the chance to play at SC.  They were too deep.  There was a back log of talent waiting to play at SC.  Just a quick run down of some of the players that played there during that era: Bush, Palmer, Jarrett, Lendale White, Taylor Mays, Sanchez, etc to name a few.

Before that it was FSU.  Their run was even longer.  At least since Deion was there until 2000 when they lost to Oklahoma in the national title game.  Their run at the top was marked by at least 10 years finishing in the top 5 at the end of the season.  There were a few players that passed through: Ward, Brooks, Warrick, Dunn, Boulware, etc to name a few.    

Before FSU, Stank-0 can't really call it because he didn't exist yet, however, Stank-0 can say that it looks like the next destination is looking to be Alabama. Tradition-rich program? Check. Charismatic coach who can win national titles? Check. History of former players getting regularly drafted? Check. Even better is the SEC is the perfect conference for All-Americans to line up to wait to play.


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