Upset Saturday

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I watched most of the Alabama vs. South Carolina game.  It was amazing.  Everyone has been going on about how unstoppable the Tide are.  Maybe just maybe, they started to believe their own press. Carolina provided a very difficult yet doable blueprint.  Bottle up the running game (a very hard feat) and then fly around and make plays.  McElroy was even-keeled but the Gamecocks' ground game punched the Tide in the mouth. 

Lattimore was a workhorse, putting in work and Garcia made enough plays to be dangerous.  I saw the final go ahead TD, and that was all that was needed. Teddy Ballgames!

The other game that I watched was USC vs Stanford.  There has been a clear talent dropoff at SC.  It was most obvious on the defensive side of the ball. Not to disrespect Stanford, but they are far from a football juggernaut and they were bussin' the SC in the head to the white meat. Their QB was breakin long runs.  Maybe there's no motivation because they don't qualify for postseason play for the next two seasons.  There may be a larger issue at play here.  I'll let some other writer delve into that.

What ultimately made this game more interesting than it needed to be was the missed extra point.  It gave SC that small window of hope to pull out a victory.  When SC connected on their PAT to make it 35-34, normally that would have been it.  Unfortunately, they left too much time on the clock (1:15) and Stanford had 2 timeouts. That was enough.  Game! Blouses!

As for the BCS standings, the #2-5 will likely each move up a spot.  OSU will likely become the new #1 team in the nation.

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