No more unbeatens!

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AP Photo/Michael Conroy

With the Chiefs falling to the Colts, this is the first time since 1970 that there's been no 4-0 team.  Congratulations are in order to the Colts.  Peyton, even though held in check for most of the game, found a way to manufacture a TD.

Stank-0 wasn't as surprised by the defensive performance.  You must remember that Cronnel and Weis were on those Patriots teams that owned the Colts for so long.  They are probably the only men outside of Belicheck that know Peyton that well.

Stank-0 doesn't believe in moral victories, but there are some positives that Chiefs' fans can take away from this game.
  • We now know the level of defense the Chiefs are capable of playing.  They went into Indy and frustrated the best QB in football for most of the game. 
  • Cassel is incrementally getting better.  He missed on throws that needed to be completed, but he's at least progressing.
  • The rest of the schedule cannot possibly be anymore difficult than the game they just played. 
  • The loss was not in division
  • The Chiefs have given up zero points off turnovers so far this season.
With the Broncos and Chargers losing, the Chiefs are firmly in the driver's seat of the AFC West.


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