Season killer!

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A change of pace

The melodrama at Chapel Hill is coming to an end.  Three integral players' careers have ended, Marvin Austin, Greg Little, and Robert Quinn.  From the article:

Senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin was dismissed from the North Carolina football team on Monday, according to a press release from UNC athletics.
 The NCAA ruled senior wide receiver Greg Little and junior defensive end Robert Quinn permanently ineligible for competition in college. The rulings effectively end the three players’ collegiate careers.

This don't hurt Austin except in his bank account.  He might fall a few spots in the NFL draft, but other than that he's straight.  Oh yes, Mr. Austin, if you are gonna do dirt, keep it to yourself.  Your career came to an abrupt end because of a tweet about poppin by bottles in the club.  It begs a question, how does a poor "student"-athlete have the money to pop bottles? Viola! Instant investigation.

The other two?  They might not even get drafted so they might want to start paying attention in class and study hall.

There are too many questions about this.  Stank-0 will toss a few out there. What is it about Butch Davis that problems seem to follow him?  How does UNC go from a football nobody to a national title contender in one season and there not be something going on? How can the problem be one guy, the defensive coordinator?  How could Butch Davis and DA (Dir of Athletics), Dick Baddour not know anything? How could agents get so close to players and no one knows about it? 

The NCAA has even ruled on this entire matter, so it could get worse before it gets better.


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