Dear NFL, we don't need you to TAKE W's from the Chiefs

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We have Exhibit A that the Chiefs are on the rise.  The organization and the fans can claim that a conspiracy is at work against them.  The NFL is conspiring to take Ws away from the Chiefs.

See the zebras called a highly dubious PI (pass interference) on the Chiefs' defense on the key drive of the game.

See Stank-0 isn't bitter about it.  No not at all because the Chiefs let Arian Foster run wild on 'em.  (No lie Foster is ballin, RESPECT!) They let Andre Johnson ( a top 3 WR) get loose and score the deciding touchdown. 

Again there are some positives to take away from this game.

  • Cassel had 3 TDs.  Hopefully this will quiet the people saying that Cassel can't cut it.  For at least a week.  
  • Dwayne Bowe was a key contributor to the offense.  Welcome back Mr. Bowe, we've missed you. 
  • The running back duo of Thomas & Charles put up numbers. [Writer's note: If they keep performing we'll need some kitschy nickname for them at some point.  Start thinkin of somethin.]
  • The rest of the AFC West lost so the Chiefs are still up a game on everyone. 
The defense did not show up.  Again we have the standard that was set last week to compare all defensive performances against.  This week they were lacking.  The Chiefs run defense was supposed to have improved. Fellas, you can do better.  You stymied the best QB on the planet in his own HOUSE.

 The Chiefs need to end this skid and in a hurry.  This Sunday another tough AFC South team, but another winnable game. 


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