Paving the way to leave, Double Play edition

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I'm late on this, please forgive me.  After I wrote about the Wizards potentially moving some pieces, Agent Zero seems to have given them just cause to move his @ss.

Seems Zero got some ratchets (guns for the hip hop linguistically challenged) in his locker, at Verizon Center. This would be funny if there weren't some guns laws being broken.  Then lets raise the hilarity some more.  Zero and Crittenton got into an argument over money (Don't mess with black peoples' food or money) and allegedly a firearm appeared on the scene.  Puts the gun at the snowball fight at 14th & U in perspective now.  I'm worried what happens when the Nationals start losing in April. 

This would appear to be a quick way out of town.  I can let the antics slide but wave a gat at someone over a card game dispute?  Sounds like a BET movie to me.

The only question now is where does Zero land?  His contract, $111M, is huge but can be voided due to "morality clauses."  Who will take a chance on Agent "You gon pay what you owe!" Zero?  He's going cheap!  Get 'em while he's available!

Coach Shanahan?
Jim Zorn was allegedly fired after the Redskins touched down at the airport.  Damn, at least let the man sit down for a minute before canning him.  This was a foregone conclusion when they stripped play calling duties from him.  The consensus is that Mike Shanahan is the presumptive candidate to be the new coach. 

Let's hope that Snyder can just play the back this time.  He has a good GM and Shanahan is no slouch.  Let them draft and sign who they think is good for the team.  No more fantasy football with real players, ok? 


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