Hope springs eternal

Filed under: , by: Stankoniforous 0ne

Redskin Nation will think that Christmas came early.  Cerrato has stepped down!  If Snyder can stop trying to do his best Jerry Jones impersonation, maybe he can lure Mike Holmgren to Washington.

Now Stank-0 knows he went in on Holmgren yesterday, however, he will not need to "save" the Redskins.  They have the pieces in place they just need to start drafting responsibly and being financially conservative.  Hell Stank-0 himself could do that. 

Holmgren can help Zorn or whomever help Campbell and that O line.  The defense is just fine, no need to start fixing anything that isn't broken. 

Or maybe Bill Cowher will get a phone call?

UPDATE!  The Redskins have made former Tampa Bay GM Bruce Allen the new Redskins' GM.  My, that was fast.


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