The real Defensive Player of the Year

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No, not Ed Reed, but James Harrison.  Stank-0 thinks that Ed Reed was robbed!

The linebacker, who had a career-high 16 sacks to set a team record
and led the NFL with a career-high seven forced fumbles, beat Dallas' DeMarcus Ware
in balloting by a nationwide panel of 50 sports writers and broadcasters announced Monday. Pittsburgh was the league's stingiest in total defense, pass defense and points allowed. Harrison was its main hammer.

"That's something that everybody in the league would love to have, to be voted the top player in the league for that year," Harrison said. "In my mind, I think I do -- and it's going to sound boring -- what the defense allows me to do and what my teammates allow me to do."

So, because he was on the league's stingiest D, he's Defensive Player of the Year? 

Harrison earned 22 votes to 13 for Ware.

Baltimore safety Ed Reed, the 2004 winner, got eight votes. Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth had five and Harrison's teammate, safety Troy Polamalu, got two.

"It couldn't happen to a better guy," Steelers veteran receiver Hines Ward said. "He's worked his tail off to get to where he is. You appreciate it more, considering where he came from and how he got here."

This is a throw away year, Peyton, the default MVP and Harrison, the wrong pick for Defensive Player of the Year.  Um, Ed Reed has so many INT TD's that Stank-0 thought he was on return duty.  Look, Stank-0 saw what Harrison did to the Patriots.  He singlehandedly took the game over.  He was the guy who took the Patriots' heart out while it was still beating

What say you, Sports Nation?  Was Harrison the right pick?

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On January 13, 2009 at 8:06 AM , SoulOnIce said...

He was the right pick. Trust, I'm a die-hard Cowboys fan, and Harrison is way more versatile than DeMarcus Ware, and it really isn't close, honestly.

I've seen James Harrison cover people in space. I watched every Cowboys game this year, and never saw Ware do it once. The only reason this was even close (in my opinion) is because Ware had 20 sacks. 90% of the time, I ride for my Cowboys, but Harrison had a better year, homie.

Ed Reed has the "Michael Jordan Syndrome," which means he could really be the MVP every season, but that will never happen (other people who fall victim to this syndrome include Shaq in his prime, Tim Duncan, and Peyton Manning). I think Reed only has one DPOY award, but we all know we're watching, arguably, the best defensive player of our lifetime.

On January 13, 2009 at 12:11 PM , Stankoniforous 0ne said...

Soul, thanks for the comment.

Agreed, Harrison is more versatile than Ware. No question.

Reed is always lurking in DPY conversations, but this year especially he re-re-inserted his name into the conversation. At the very least, it should have been a co-DPY.

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