Not the same magic

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Sorry NFL but this edition of Colts vs Pats does NOT have the same pizzazz.  Tom is gone and Peyton isn't playin like the Peyton we are used to.  Randy Moss is basically runnin decoy routes this game, and John and Al are calling Wes Welker the next big thing. 

It just doesn't have that it.  There's no appeal, no flash, no "sexiness" about this game.  The NFL betta pray (and very hard) that both teams bounce back next season. 

It's only 12-7 New England with 7:06 left in the 3rd.  Iz u surrious?  That's a score for the beginning of the 1st quarter of the normal rivalry. 

Another sign:  the Pats had a clock eating drive.  That ain't the Patriots Stank-0 is used to.  Not by a long shot. 

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