Dismissed, prequel II

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Another head coach has been informed their service will end at the conclusion of the football season.  Tennessee head coach Fulmer has been notified to have his office cleaned out by the end of the season.  This is the second prequel dismissal.  Poor Fulmer, son had been livin off that 98 title for a good minute though.  The other was written here.

In case ya'll forgot about the Dismissed series a quick rundown. 

This will be the start of my Dismissed category.  Whenever an NFL,
MLB, etc coach/GM/front office guy gets his walkin papers, Stank-0 will
post it here.  If Stank-0 misses any please send him an email so
he can update.

Previous parts here and here.

UPDATE!:  Jon Gruden has turned down the offer.  He was a grad asst there back in the 80s. 

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