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Look, can we quit with the Wes Welker nutsack hangin, please?  Talking head after talking head Commentator after commentator praise him to the skies.  Uh...there's a few reasons for his success.  1.  He plays for a better team, 2. Tom Brady, and 3.  Randy Moss

Randy Moss and Terrell Owens

Randy Moss SuperMan

So let's role play for a second.  You're a defensive coordinator and you are playing the Patriots.  You have seen the game film on Moss and Welker.  Who do you focus on stoppin more? 

A comment said it best about Welker. 

for wes welker, it should say the ultimate possession receiver who
thrives on having randy moss taking majority of the coverage.

Stank-0 recognizes Welker's talents, but realizes his production is a function of the most physically gifted receiver to EVER play the game drawing double coverage.  EVER.  Once in a lifetime receiver. 

Randy Moss effected an entire draft.  He was the class of 98 and the very next year you saw a rack of corners and taller faster receivers get drafted. 

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