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Stank-0 had been wondering what happened to Al Saunders, the holder of the 700 page playbook.  He was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs then got an upgrade to go to the Redskins.  In Washington, he got all these fancy new receivers and underachieved greatly.  Well, after the Redskins' regime change, Stank-0 was wondering where Saunders landed.  Now, he has to wonder no longer.  Al Saunders is the offensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, which brings things back full circle. 

A quick history lesson.  Y'all remember the greatest show on turf? 

Greatest Show on Turf

Now the two masterminds behind that offensive machine were Mike Martz and Dick Vermeil.  Dick Vermeil tearfully retired and then later became the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.  He passed on what he knew about the Rams' offense to offensive coordinator Al Saunders.  Saunders tweaked it for Kansas City.  Remember the Priest Holmes years?  Best offense and offensive line in football during that span. 

Priest Holmes Highlights

Al Saunders was the mad scientist behind the Chiefs offense during that span.  The Redskins hoped he could replicate that in dC.  He could not.  That offense takes about 3 years to master.  Now Saunders is back in St. Louis with his variation of the earlier St. Louis offense.  Things have come full circle.  Stank-0 wonders if the Rams will ever rebuild the greatest show on turf.  Start by gettin another multi-purpose back (Faulk), #1 receivers (Holt/Bruce), a quicksilver slot receiver (Az Hakim), and a stable of receivers to sub in (Proehl, etc).  Haslet, think on it. 

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