MNF: 4/7

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We've been over this before.  A quick refresher.

That's MNF's number of good games (4) versus the total so far.

History has a way of repeating itself because the Patriots just straight up punched the Broncos in the mouf (yes mouf) and the game was over from that point forward.  It wasn't even Cutler messing up his finger on his throwing hand.  It was just the complete capitulation of the Broncos. 

It was like they said, "It's aight this is a non-division game."  Then proceeded to play like doo doo.  It's hard to determine how good the Patriots are because the Broncos were that bad to begin with.  The Chiefs fan in Stank-0 relishes that the Broncos were clowned on national TV. 

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

The best part of Stank-0's night was the bar trivia.  Stank-0 and his boy (that's two people) came in third and were within 3 points of 1st place, while other teams boasted 6 or more people.  If Stank-0 brings one more person it's curtains!  LOCK IT UP!

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