A rant

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Stank-0 been slacking on his writing, but cut me some slack.  What is there to write about? Cushing, his illegal substance use, DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year) revote and rewin? The upcoming Summer of Lebron?  Where he will go? NY? Chi? SoBe? Everyone and they mama has an opinion on where he should go. It might even eclipse the NBA playoffs because it is becoming bigger than the playoffs. 

Why should be we talk about the playoffs?  The Celtics are an old man squad that is too much for Dwight "I got Patrick Ewing and I still got only two post moves" Howard. The Magic's offense is based on the fact that teams HAVE to double Dwight.  The Celtics do not so that means the Magic have to create their own shot.  Only Nelson and Carter can, series over. Game. Blouses.

Out west we have the Lakers and the Suns.  Lakers have definitely gotten the message after the Thunder got in their chest. It comes down to the big men and the fact that the Lakers have more and better skill players.

Baseball hasn't even hit its stride yet, but there is some good news about the Nationals.  They were as of yesterday 20-17.  Trust, that is a BIG deal.

Hockey had a shocker.  The Pens lost to the Habs, the same team that knocked off the Caps.

Really, there's nothing goin on right now. Not a single thing.


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