Take the shot -- LeBron James

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Stank-0, I like this concept.  I will state the case for one, Lebron Raymone James.

 pic courtesy of wikipedia.org

I could go on and on about what a physical specimen he is, but I won't.  You already know that.  The NBA has never seen anyone with stats like LBJ.  Six feet 8, two hundred fifty pounds give or take about 20-25.  

From the low post on out, LBJ is strong enough to power up a shot against single coverage and sometimes double teams.  His shot from deep has gotten better but his mid-range J is wet. 

He shoots 47.1% from the field, 32.8% from deep, and 73.8% from the line.  That means he can win from the charity stripe if necessary.

Let's get to the subject at hand.  He already has experience with taking game winners.  This is from the playoffs last year.  I'm sure you all remember the buzz beater right?  If not, then peep the vid below. 

He has hit them in the regular season as well.  The second vid is against the Hornets. 

In short, Lebron will not get shook taking the last shot.  What's even better is with his ball handling skills, he can pass out if there's an open teammate.  You don't give LBJ the rock so he can pass off in the clutch, right?  It's the ability to pass off that makes defenses have to stick close to their man.

 If I only have 5 seconds left in the game, I want LeBron R. James taking the shot to win the game. 


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