You paid who how much to do what?

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That's exactly how I felt after reading this. Why keep Nash? His best years are behind him. I won't even go in because the comments did it perfectly.

From the comments section:

They traded Joe Johnson for Boris freaking Diaw, turned Shawn Marion into Shaq,
then into Ben Wallace's dead corpse and Sasha "I can't hit a jumpshot to save my
life" Pavlovic. They than chased a very good coach in D'antoni out of town for an
amateur in Terry Porter. And they will probably lose Amar'e this summer as well.

I couldn't have said it better myself. So what was the Shaq experiment about anyway? Look, I implore loyalty, but Nash will be 38 when the deal is finished. That's too old for a major league DH let alone an NBA point guard. Kerr, you do realize that Nash will be expected to play defense, right?

I'm lost.

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