Pre draft deals

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With the upcoming draft supposed to be shockingly bad, teams are looking to deal players to get better. 

The blockbuster deal here is Shaq moving to Cleveland from PHX.  The Suns needed to do something because standing pat was not gettin them anywhere.  Stank-0 wonders what exactly the Diesel has left in the tank.  He gives the Cavs a clear big man in the paint, even if he is a shadow of his MDE (Most Dominant Ever) self. 

This move does not move the Cavs into the upper echelon of the East by any means, but it does make the offense effectively run through Shaq.  This allows James to make more off-the-ball decisions versus having to be the point forward.


The Hawks and Warriors are working a deal to move Jamal Crawford. Stank-0 isn't surprised the Hawks have to make a move to get better.  They are in a weird in between place.  Not bad enough to get a good draft pick and not good enough to be competitive.  This move will help them resolve who the offense will run through, JJ or J Smoove.  Crawford's open court ability would suggest this is to run with J Smoove. 

It's surprising that Crawford did not fit in with the small ball Nellie offense in Golden State.

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