The anti-Weis

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You all know Mr. Weis right. You may not know the name but you know the frame. Real quick, Vince Carter, 2000 Olys. Weis was the guy whom Vince jumped over. Now you know who it is don'tcha. Mr. Weis was drafted by the Knicks but never left Europe to come to this side of the pond.

That was the same worry the T-Wolves had about Ricky Rubio until now. See I was unclear about a few things surrounding Rubio, like how long the Wolves own his rights. That's been cleared up. The Wolves own his NBA rights as long as he is playing pro ball.

My opinion was that Rubio needed to come over here and prove he can play. Sure he showed and proved in the Olympics, however, those were international rules. Any time you can goaltend, we have a problem. Call me jingoistic all you want but watching a bunch of big men shoot treys is not basketball. God created big men so they could mix it up in the paint, dream shake, shoot off glass, toss layups off the backboard, wag fingers to the crowd, throw up the Q, and drop step on each other. PERIOD.

Now Rubio gets to show NBA fans he's not some Euro Jason Williams. I don't even think he's on Jason's level to perfectly honest. Until Rubio pulls some elbow pass type sh!t, he can't see Jason.


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