Almost there

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One more hurdle has been removed to M. Vick's return to the NFL. The only thing left is a Barbara Walters special where he breaks down, cries, and "shows remorse."

Stank-0 ain't read a thing about his return, he just saw a Facebook status documenting his conditional reinstatement. That's not even the biggest obstacle. Now he needs a team willing to take the heat in signing him. Off the top, the Raiders and Lions come to mind. They are horrifically bad.

Organizations with a strong personality in the front office: Patriots (unlikely) and Dolphins (improbable). Stank-0 can't think of a team that could properly utilize Vick. Right now he would prolly get some Gilbert Arenas' minutes. There's no way he would be in NFL shape in time for the season, learn a new playbook, new packages, new formations, new jargon, and get the timing down with his receivers and tight ends. Stank-0 don't see it.

Stank-0 won't pretend to speak for the other bloggers here, but uh...LET HIM PLAY!

That is all.

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