MVP.... well a little late

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Well Mr. King James has won the MVP award, and his Cavs are 8-0 in the playoffs..... Will they get to the finals? All signs point to yes, but honestly they really haven't been tested.

In my heart of hearts I hope the Cavs make it. Now as for who they play, I am a Nuggests fan, so I hope Denver gets there. Now who will I want to win, I dont know. It was sorta like the Superbowl match up. If Pittsburgh won, I was happy. If Arizona won I was happy Fitzgerald and The EDGE got rings. In this matchup I absolutely want Melo to get a Ring. I am a Melo fan, back to his days as a prep at Towson Catholic and then at Oak Hill. Now if LeBron wins I wont be heartbroken, I will be happy for his team.

Now with all that said, we know Nike and the rest of the NBA (WORLD) wants a Lakers v Cavs finals.

Peep the video...

Now tell me who wins if there is a Lakers v Cavs finals? Nike!!!!! When else has there been a matchup in the finals with arguably the two biggest names in a sport facing off, AND they wear the same brand of shoes???? Jordan v Magic = Nope, Nike v Converse / Magic. Bird v Magic, Well yes they both wore converse weapons, but back then Converse was the only player.



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