From the theater of the absurd

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SPS, its funny you should mention BBD shoving the kid after nailing the game winner, because the kid's father is demanding an apology. No really. I think it's really really stoopid to come after him after he hit the biggest shot of his career, but it's happening anyway.

According to Shannon Owens of the Orlando Sentinel, Provetti says Davis shoved his 12-year-old son Nicholas with such force, that Nicholas' baseball cap catapulted into the air and his son went tumbling into his courtside seat.

Oh really! I've seen the vid and no one went tumbling anyway. Actually SPS has the gif on his post. I see no tumbling anywhere. This smells like a scheme to get paid or some attention. Take your team's L like a man and get ready for the next game.

Being courtside means you get closer contact with the players, but you also get closer contact with the players. That means someone could dive on you, a ball could come flyin outta nowhere, or they sweat on you. Stank-0 wrote about tennis etiquette do we need a basketball etiquette guide?

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