More manna from heaven

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God must truly be smiling on Kansas right now.  First, Chiefs GM Pioli grabs Matt Cassel as the Chiefs starting quarterback.  Then Broncos QB gets in his feelings about almost being dealt for Cassel and forces his way out of town.  Lastly, the lowly Royals are seemingly in the start of an uptick.  Now Xavier Henry, the #1 rated high school basketball player, wants to sign with Kansas after de-committing to Memphis due to Calipari movin to Kentucky

So Coach Self, gift baskets are in order.  To John Calipari for blowing up a truly one of a kind class that Memphis was expecting.  Henry and Tyreke Evans in the same backcourt?  That would be scary.  Assuming that Evans doesn't got in the draft. 

To add insult to injury, Henry's brother, a walk-on at Memphis, wants to transfer to Kansas to play with his brother.  All this comes via Henry's father. 

So Kansas can reload while bringing back everyone from the Sweet 16 team this year

So again thank you John Calipari for gift wrapping another guard for the Jayhawks.  Much obliged homey.

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