De ja vu?

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Joe Flacco AP Photo/Wade Payne

The Ravens have advanced to the AFC Championship game and await the winner of the Chargers-Steelers.  The Ravens are indeed looking like the team no one wants to play in the playoffs.  In 2 games, they have forced 7 turnovers, with 0 turnovers committed.  That D is mean. 

Game insights

  • The Titans got the memo on Ed Reed.  Alot of the routes were slants or comebacks.  They did not go deep. 
  • Flacco is now officially Joe Cool.  This kid looked like he was gonna fall asleep in some of the biggest stages of the game.  First rook to win 2 NFL playoff games. 
  • Ball security, gentlemen, ball security.  Put the top on the pot. 
  • Being the #1 seed may not be that good of a thing anymore.  Momentum is hot, a week layoff is not. 
  • Justin Gage (Mizzou player, boooo!) had a huge day.  At least 9 grabs for over a 100 yards.
  • The red zone is for scoring not for turnovers.   

It feels eerily similar to the Ravens' Super Bowl Championship run. 

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