Let's spin the carousel

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As mentioned in a previous post, Bill Cowher is the top coaching candidate. 

Bill Cowher's phone will be ringin non-stop now.  He sat out a season,
made analyst dollars, and can now pull a Parcells and get total control
of a franchise in disarray.  Stank-0 will continue this thought in a
later post.

And why not pay him top dollar?  He's a Super Bowl winning head coach and a long-tenured coach.  Stank-0's boy, M0yo, mentioned Dennis Green as a potential candidate for the Lions.  He knows the NFC North after coaching the Vikings. 

Another name is Brian Billick, also a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Unfortunately alot of retreads will get second chances this time around.  There are too many vacancies and too many conservative teams to bring in some fresh blood. 

Throw another name on here as well, Mike Shanahan.  He just came up on the big board of coaches. 

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