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Ah the annual rite of passage for minor league football players scholar-athletes, the NFL draft. The Big XII has the potential to have quite a few high profile players selected early. Let's run down the draft suspects.

According to the word on the street, John Parker Wilson is the projected #1 pick. ??? Did Stank-0 miss something during his hiatus? Wilson didn't wow but he didn't disappoint and that's enough to get drafted.

Michael Oher is also a high draft pick. He was considered NFL ready back in high school. Whomever gets him has a left tackle for the next 7-10 years. Period!

Tim Tebow is considered a middle rounder, which is correct ISO. His game won't translate smoothly to the NFL. There is talk of converting him to a tight end or half back or having him in Wildcat formations. That sounds too much like a gimmick player and you can ask Reggie Bush how it feels to be a gimmick player. Bush had to change his game, so will Tebow.

Sam Bradford looks the most NFL-ready. He has pocket presence, can move around to buy time, is accurate, has the toughness factor, and is big enough so scouts won't hate on his size.

Colt McCoy has the tools to play, but there's this lingering doubt in Stank-0's mind about him. He played well in the big games but something is naggin about his game. He does run alot for a quarterback.

Graham Harrell is the only college quarterback to approach the number of attempts an NFL quarterback will make Sunday after Sunday. The knock on Harrell is he's never really been pressured with that mammoth offensive line he played behind and he put up fantasy numbers. Few big number quarterbacks make it in the NFL, just ask Tommy Chang and every other quarterback to ever play at Hawaii and Texas Tech.

Michael Crabtree is the most complete receiver in college football. He's Andre Johnson (while he was at Miami) with a bigger frame. Stank-0 thinks Crabtree is sophomore so he still has another season, correct Stank-0 if he is wrong. As a resident in Big XII country, Stank-0 would like another season to watch him play ball.

Since Stank-0 gave one soph a shout out might as well spotlight Dez Bryant, receiver at Oklahoma State. If Crab is the best receiver in college football, Bryant would make a good case for #2. Bryant had a few games where he could not be single covered. It was not physically possible.

Anyone get left out, drop a comment.

UPDATE!: Michael Crabtree redshirted early in his career so he is eligible for the draft.


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