It's time to let go, people

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Ed Hochuli

Stank-0 himself highlighted the blown call from Hochuli a few days ago. 

The Bolts lost to the Broncos on a horrible call.  Absolutely horrible.  So bad in fact that Hochuli is gettin a bad grade for blowin the call

Word on the street is that Hochuli isn't takin this very well.  Look, he blew the call and then knuckled up and took responsibility for it.  Stank-0 is glad that Hochuli had the cojones to man up. 

On the Web site, his son Scott reported in a section named "Everything Ed" that his father had received many letters of support from fans. The site says Hochuli will ref the Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens game at 4:15 p.m. ET Sunday.

Now Chargers' fans, Stank-0 understands you are a little upset, but you all need to pump your brakes.  It's not like the Bolts didn't crap the bed in week 1 or play like dookie for most of week 2.  So blaming Hochuli for most of your team not playing very well is disingenuous.   

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