Have to correct a prior statement

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Stank-0 said in an email thread that the AFC South was the toughest conference in football.

Aug 13th: What will be the toughest division this year?

Stank-0 is thinkin either the AFC North or South and maaaaybe the NFC East.

So you see Stank-0 is on occasion wrong and spectacularly so.  The GMen and Cowboys are 2-0, while the Iggles are no slouch at 1-1.  Heck even the Redskins have clawed back to 1-1. 

While in the AFC South, the Jags are 0-2, Colts are 1-1, the Texans are 0-1, and the Titans are sitting at 2-0.  The AFC North?  Steelers 2-0, Ravens 1-0, the highly hyped Browns are 0-2 along with the Bungels. 

So at this point in the season, the NFC East is lookin to be the toughest division in football again.  At this point, can the rest of the season even top week 2?

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