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The NCAA's First Openly Trans Basketball Player
Kye Allums is the NCAA Div 1's first openly transgendered player. This is quite an achievement, but it will raise some questions if this becomes widespread.  How does this affect scholarships, eligibility, etc.? That doesn't even speak on the misunderstandings amongst teammates and opponents. 

 In this case it is a trans man playing women's basketball. Stank-0 understands Allums identifies as a man but physiologically is Allums a woman or a man?  Fundamentally we have a man playing women's basketball.

At some point, questions will come as to whether Allums should be allowed to play on the women’s team. Losing his scholarship was a real concern for Allums just six months ago as the task of fully expressing himself while still playing basketball seemed overwhelming. As he’s educated himself, that fear has dissipated.

According to Royer, as long as Allums does not accept hormone treatments, he is eligible to participate in NCAA women’s sports.

This is fascinating. Stank-0 hopeful that more transgendered people decide to participate in Division 1 sports.

(h/t to Music Snob for the heads up)


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