Prodigal son returning home?

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The biggest breaking news is that Randall Gene Moss of the Patriots, may be dealt to the Minnesota Vikings.  This is interesting for several reasons.  This was his original team back when he was drafted in 1998. 

Stank-0 thinks this shows a few things: 1. The Patriots were NOT gonna pay the man. It wasn't gonna happen. 2. The Patriots think his best day might be behind him. Who knows?

The Patriots are smart to potentially deal him out of division and conference. The NFC North will need some corners right fast and in a hurry.

If this does happen, Lorenzo Favre will play 2-3 seasons longer.  You do know that Favre tried to recruit Moss way back when right? It also gives Favre the deep threat he's never had.  Wait til Rice comes back. O_O
Mawse, Rice, and AD?! How do you stop that? Eight in the box? Or double cover Mawse and let Rice tear you a new one? Or play cover 2 and let AD run wild? Defensive coordinators are gonna start losing sleep.

You know who benefits the most? Berrian. He will get to eat up the #3 corner.


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