There hasn't been a better pass in my lifetime

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Stank-0 on occasion will get nostalgic.  This isn't one of those times.  After watching the trickeration that Michigan State used to beat ND, for some odd reason Jason Williams popped in my brain.

The first thing that came to mind was the infamous elbow pass.  You know the pass.  2000 Rookies vs. Sophomores.  Craig Sager even asked in pre-game if Jason would do it.  At this point, words are useless, let's go to the tape. Unfortunately the best visual copy is in German, so unless you understand the language mute it. 

There's no need to retell what you saw.  What Stank-0 is wondering is has there been a better pass since then? LBJ is a gifted passer but nothing he's done is on that level.  Actually there may be a pass on that level and it's Jason Williams again.  Skip to 1:18 of the next video.  The NBA called it the pass of the year.

Jason Williams is the closest thing to a pure And1 player to ever make it to the NBA. Yes, Stank-0 is aware that Skip to my Lou is still in the league but even when Skip first made it to the league he was about 60/40 at best.

Truth be told Jason brought the NBA back after the lock out in the strike shortened 98-99 season. If you can think of a better pass, leave a comment.


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