Finally! Football is back

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I know I can speak for everyone here at TSF (Stank-0, M0yo, SPS, and myself) when I say I'm damn glad that we were blessed with a quarter and a half of good football.  It was like a breath of fresh air, like a shower after a hard day's work, like some TLC after a bid.  You get the picture.  It was welcome.

The HOF game is the signal that football is on its way.

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Here's my only beef.  They did NOT have two evenly matched teams out there.  The Cowboys' D line were playing like they still haven't forgotten that beatdown they received in the playoffs last season.  They never dialed it back either.  It was all go all game long.

On the other hand the Bengals were lookin a little shell shocked and then they just wanted to game to be over. Don't know if Palmer, Carson plans on holding the ball that much during the regular season.  I certainly hope not.  

The Bengals looked lethargic for the entire game, Jordan Shipley's return notwithstanding. They also seemed to force the ball to Terrell Owens and neglect Ocho Cinco.  Also, Collinsworth got a good supply to say that TO is the better deep threat.  *Confused*  Owens does not equal Henry (RIP). TO can't be him thats not his skill set anymore.

Overall there's not much to take from this game except FOOTBALL IS BACK!

IF you aren't on Twitter, football season is the best time to be on twitter.  Thank me Later, no Drake.

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