When "we got this" turns into "we need to pull this one out"

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This is decidedly more about basketball but applies to all sports.

This is that game when your team isn't as sharp because they generally came off an impressive win.  Or they are going deep into hated enemy territory.  Ah yes, the trap game. 

We've seen a few lately.  KU had a trap game last night and skated (just barely) through it.  Syracuse fell in their trap game to Rutgers.  Hell Cornell got their first ranking in decades and then lost in their trap game.  Tonight, UK has a potential one agaist Miss St.

How to know when you are in or going to a trap game.

  1. When your shots just outright refuse to fall.  If you can't throw a ball into the ocean that night, you are in a trap game.
  2. The team you would normally blow the doors off of, is hangin in the game.
  3. Their shots are falling and keep falling and falling and.... which leads to
  4. The crowd keeping the opposing team in the game.  The volume's decibels start climbing and suddenly the place is rocking.
  5. Your team has an unusually high number of turnovers.
Stank-0 will say this for the generally viewing audience a trap game is must see TV.  If that's your team, then you are sweating worse than a whore in church.   

There are more ingredients to the perfect storm that is the trap game.  Any ideas?


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