Trifecta, basketball edition

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Normally, we have a double play, but there's alot goin on to write about. 

Sunflower State Showdown

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Well dear readers, the subject of the first "State the Case," Sherron Collins, was the hero in the KU @ K-State game.  Collins tried to end the game but had a costly turnover, which led to OT.

In OT, with time ticking away, Collins made the lay-up on a serious dribble drive that gave KU the victory.  I'm sure that Stank-0 is pleased with the win.  KU remains perfect in the Big XII. 

For two teams that have been meeting since 1907, I don't know if they will ever top this one.  EVER. 

D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

Dealing A.I. for Billups might have been one of the smartest moves the Nuggets ever made.  Billups aka Smooth just finished up the best January of his career.  Of. His. Career.  Billups is one of the 5 best PG's in the league.  He proved it today against the Spurs without the services of 30 points per game scorer Carmelo Anthony. 

D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

It was all good because K-Mart picked up the slack with 27 points on 9-15 shooting.  K-Mart was stroking it from 15 feet from either elbow.  Affalo also chipped in with about 18 on great shooting. 

If the Nuggets can win like this with Melo out, wait til he comes back. 

From watching the Spurs today, their window of opportunity has closed.  They are still Western Conference powers but they can't put the clamps on anyone anymore.  They are 11-19 against .500 or better teams.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

I was worried this game would be a blowout because All-Star Rondo took over the 1st half.  Young boy was everywhere.  Couple that with the fact that Kobe was dinged up (finger, bad ankle, back spasms) and it looked like the C's would run away with this one. 

Even with Kobe dinged up, he's still formiable.  He had a horrible shooting game but took over in the closing moments to sink a free throw line fadeaway with Jesus Shuttlesworth playing perfect D to put the Lakers up one.  That was all they needed.

With 7.3 seconds left in regulation, the C's run a pick and roll and Pierce is headed toward the basketball when he dishes to Jesus Shuttlesworth on the backside of the play.  Odom switches off KG to put his hands up and Shuttlesworth's trey clangs off the rim.  Game! 

The Legend of the Black Mamba continues to grow! 


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