Let's play ball

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Finally the Yankees have dispatched the Angels to advance to the World Series to face a well rested Phillies team.  Stank-0 had a feeling they would close out at home.

A-Rod has finally been playing some ball during the PLAYOFFS!  Keep it up and you have can have some hardware that is a bit more blingy than your MVP trophies.  Speaking of which, isn't Rodriguez pretty much a lock to get another MVP?  At some point it will be called the Rodriguez MVP trophy he has so many.

To the Angels, take comfort in the fact that you were punching above your weight and prolly shouldn't have beaten the BoSox like a drum to get this far.

So dear readers, who you got and in how many games.  Right here and now, 6 games...NEW YORK YANKEES!

Phillies got rings, so that hunger isn't there.  Yanks' last ring is about 10 years ago...they been bleeding, sweatin, and dyin to get back here.    


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