Inching closer to another superfight

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Floyd "Pretty Boy," "Money" Mayweather still has it according to ESPN Punch by Punch analysis.

Some excerpts:

Round 6: Mayweather is in another class in terms of speed, size, and

Round 6: Mayweather slams home a right as Marquez is caught in a
corner. Marquez's face is a mess. Mayweather hardly looks blemished.

The Twitterverse is talkin as well. A few of those thoughts: Floyd is a surgeon in the ring. This s**t is a clinic. And on and on (no Badu). Barring an unforseen breakdown, Mayweather will win his first fight in two years. Should we be surprised?

This man was born to box. His training methods are ridiculous and his father and uncle are in his corner. That's alot of boxing knowledge to tap into. I remember reading that Floyd's sparring is with 5 minute rounds and 30 second rests in between.

All eyes will look for a Pacquiao-Mayweather superbout and frankly it's about time. Money still got it and Pacman is supposed to be the new P4P (pound for pound) king. Clash of the titans, son!

There is no other fight boxing fans want to see besides Pacman vs. Pretty Boy. Make it happen.

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