Mythbusters: Vick Edition

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This was prompted by a car ride discussion with one of Stank-0's boys. 

The conventional wisdom is that Vick will be hard pressed to land on a NFL team, however, let's face some facts sports fans.  There are only about 6 QBs right now that Vick COULD NOT conceivably take their spot:  Manning, Brady, McNabb, Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rivers.  That's it.  Stank-0 isn't even sure about the last two.  Brees gets jocked because he passes for a whole bunch of yards, but his TEAM doesn't do anything.  Rivers is surrounded with talent and it's gone to his head, he pops off at the mouth. 

Vick would be an upgrade for the rest of the NFL.  Stank-0 personally likes Campbell in DC, but the question that was consistently asked was, "Player X or Vick?" 

Stank-0 has the nagging feeling that Vick's otherworldy speed may be on permanent hiatus.  He's in his 30's now, or close to them.  Again hopefully he can land somewhere. 

Imagine this the Vikes take a chance on Vick, endure the fans protesting, the media tongue lashing, PETA protestors on every block within a 5 mile radius of the stadium...and the Vikes win their division (not an impossible feat).  Stank-0 loves Tavaris Jackson, but they are salting away AD aka Purple Jesus waiting for him to make that leap into a serviceable signal caller.

Insert Vick.  Now you have AD and Vick in the backfield, Percy Harvin out at slot or wherever you want to put him, and Berrian to keep defensive backs and safeties honest.  The D is already ready, with the twin Williams boys up front and Jarred Allen at end.  Intriguing, no? 

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